What is CompuArt panels?

CompuArt panels is the brand name for our extensive line of manufactured decorative wall panels.

What are CompuArt panels made of?

CompuArt panels are made of medium density fibre board (MDF), High Density fiberboard (HDF), Solid Wood and Bamboo.

What is the minimum order quantity requirement(MOQ)?

Actually there is no minimum order quantity requirement, and normally the price we quote is under factory price. Attention :The EXW price is product price and including a layer of cardboard packing. Not including freight,tax , Special packing.

What is the lead time?

Normally for a 20 GP Container(around 400 panels), from confirmation of advance payment, the lead time of CompuArt panels is 25 days, if you only order a few , the lead time of CompuArt panels is 10-15 days.

Which is the standard size of CompuArt panels?

For wave boards , the standard size is 1220mm*2440mm, the thickness of wave boards is 5mm,9mm,15mm,18mm.21mm.25mm and so on. The thickness is decided by design of products For the art boards ,the size :1220mm*2440mm*5mm. For the grille boards ,the thickness is 3mm,5mm, 9mm,15mm,18mm and so on .the size of product is be Customized by you . For the carving boards ,the thickness is 15mm,18mm ,25mm and so on .the size of product is be Customized by you . if you want to carve one side ,you can select 18mm above; if you want to carve both sides,you have to select 25mm above.

How much do CompuArt panels weigh?

Weight of wave boards Series: 7 – 9 kg/sq. meter;
Weight of grille boards and carved boards Series: 6 – 8 kg/sq. meter;

How to install CompuArt panels?

Installation of CompuArt panels is very easy. It is a material which can be cut and painted. To ensure that all the cuts are straight it is best to use woodwork tools and cut the material on the front side (the surface with the pattern). The wall to which the panels are to be installed should be as flat as possible to ensure perfect assembly between the panels.
The installation of this product is exactly the same as other wooden panels; they can be glued directly to the wall or screwed onto the wall. If using screws to attach the panels to the wall, a putty should be used to cover the screw heads. As such, we recommend gluing the panels to the wall with contact or assembly adhesive as a first option.
Before painting the panels, make sure that they are completely clean and dust free. Once the panels are installed, they can be painted using any type of paint applied with a brush, a roller brush or a spray gun. Avoid drips by not overloading the brush with paint.
The finished result will be excellent.

How long will an average job take to complete?

CompuArt panels allow for quick installation. Anywhere from 10 to 100 m2 (100 to 1000 sq.ft.) can be installed in a day’s work.

Can CompuArt panels products be cut?

Yes. CompuArt panels products are easily cut using a radial saw with a diamond tipped blade or a fret saw with a blade suitable for cutting wood panels. use appropriate breathing mask.

How should I store the CompuArt panels?

CompuArt panels should be stored in horizontal position in order to avoid deformations.

How many wood styles, textures and colors are available?

CompuArt currently has different patterns, textures and colors available with further styles being developed.

Container capacity For CompuArt panels

In a 20″ container, it can be fill with around 1200 Sq.m ( 400 panels)
In a 40″ container, it can be fill with around 2700 Sq.m ( 900 panels)

Can CompuArt panels be affected by humidity?

No, as CompuArt panels are imporous no moisture can enter the panels and thus protecting the covered surface. they are moisture-proof, but they can’t be immersed into water.

Can CompuArt panels be used on both interior and exterior applications?

Only can be used on interior applications.
Applications: Any interior decoration projects for hotels, reseration palace, fashion shops, home, shopping malls, art halls, entertainment palace, advertising board,

What’s the package of CompuArt panels?

CompuArt attach importance to it is package, for standard finished panels (white paint finish), each panel is packed solely, we firstly put a pearl wool in the suface of the pattern, and then use carton box as exterior package; for raw finished panels (only carving finish, no putty, no polish, no paint), every two panels in one packing, and the package is carton box protect only, no pearl wool.
If you need to make the pallet box packing ,my factory could help you to make it for products ,but you have to pay the cost of packing .

Can CompuArt panels be varnished?

Yes, and you can also paint them to change the color. You should use the proper paint for CompuArt panels

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